Integrity and Passion – fuel for the fire that drives our award-winning team. OD&A’s team is constantly evolving and improving, and always ready to handle challenging designs and high-level projects. Active client integration means we usually develop great relationships with our clients-we believe good communication and integrity is key to a great project experience. Passionate designs, attention to detail, and healthy communication are OD&A’s winning mix for satisfied clients and results that speak for themselves every time.

Our expertise and experience cover a wide range of projects, from high-end residential addresses, to commercial, retail, and food and beverage spaces.
We pride ourselves on the ability to provide completer solutions. From the initial design, construction, and complements, to final touches like accessories and decor, our clients can rest easy knowing our team will give their best from start to finish.
“Good design is obvious, great design is transparent.”
– Joe Sparano